Do you cover the full SAGS/CAPS curriculum?


Why do you separate the LO and CAPS books?

We want to avoid overloaded, content-heavy books. We want to grab students’ attention and keep them interested. Think ‘anti-textbook’!

How do you tackle GR 12 content for an IEB school?

We understand that time is extremely limited in GR 12. For IEB schools, we provide resources that cover the 3 internal tasks, are customised to support the facilitation of CAT A and preparation for CAT B. For a 1 page flyer explaining this in more detail, email

What topics do you cover?

We cover the full CAPS/SAGS curricula, as well as any additional topics that are relevant to students. For a full list of topics covered in each grade, please email us at

What is the difference between the LO manual/CAPS eBook?

With regards to the programme, the LO manual addresses the main topics that are relevant to scholars today. The CAPS eBook provides additional topics, so as to make sure that the entire curriculum is covered.

Can schools who run workshops or LO days with students for Life Orientation use the programme?

We do have an option to structure our content for a workshop/island/LO day format for LO. We work with several schools who adopt this approach. For more information, contact

Why is the LO programme updated annually?

With the ever-changing world that we live in, we need to ensure that the content remains abreast with current trends and information, ensuring continuous benchmarking with international standards. The nature of LO topics such as social media, CV compilation, university applications and interview skills are continuously evolving and it our objective is to ensure that scholars are provided with current and relevant information.

Can schools re-use the same edition each year?

The Achieve Careers LO programme is updated on an annual basis therefore, schools need to renew their licence with Achieve Careers. This is outlined in the Achieve Careers copyright agreement.

Does the programme meet the IEB requirements?

Achieve Careers works mostly with IEB schools (approximately 90% of our clients are IEB) and we remain up-to-date with the IEB requirements. This is our niche focus. From GR 10 we build a strong focus on critical thinking skills and multiple perspectives to ensure that scholars are well equipped to answer their GR 12 CAT.

Why can't learners using eBooks via IT Schools platform/Snapplify type in the eBooks?

 When the eBooks are used via an online platform, the platform converts the eBooks to flat PDF’s. The schools using ITSI ask scholars to “add notes” for activities.


Are teachers able to order individual copies/teacher resources?

 We don’t sell individual copies/teacher resources for any of the grades. The minimum order is per an entire grade at a school.

Do you offer a discount?

We offer a bulk discount rate for schools which order 3 or more grades.

Can I order via a bookstore?

We do stock bookstores who supply stock on behalf of our partner schools. Please get in touch with to find out more.

When is the order deadline?

Orders need to be placed with Achieve Careers by mid September.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We do not charge an initial delivery fee for the bulk order. Thereafter, we charge a delivery fee for every order placed.

What do I do if I do not have concrete order numbers for my students?

We to work with estimates and adapt these slightly when your numbers are confirmed (up or down by 5).