Community Collab Vision

Our vision is to facilitate improved educational content to those in need.

We partner with dynamic schools and organisations in KZN, providing books to scholars and collaborating with educators.

Community Collab

Together with our regular clients, we donate books (new or slightly used) to our community partners (under-resourced schools and organisations who value the educational content in meeting their specific needs).


We spend time with our LO teachers, together discussing and addressing the LO-specific challenges faced in their environments, and identifying opportunities where the Achieve Careers content may be helpful.

Give a book

Your school can contribute to the community
collab project by:


Courier the manuals to Achieve Careers for distribution to the partner organisations at the end of each year.


Collecting all unmarked or unused stock of the previous year’s Achieve Careers manuals.


When your school places their order, then can opt to donate books to our partner organisations.